Thursday, January 18, 2018

The (Birthday) Cake Tag

It's my birthday next week and I'm super excited! There'll be presents, parties and the main attraction: cake. I love cake so much; it's the type of food you eat when you need to feel better after a long, hard week. So to celebrate cake I thought I'd do this tag.

I'm not too sure of the origins of this tag, but if you do know please leave a comment with where you found it. And now onto the questions!

Chocolate Cake:
A dark book you absolutely love.

It's not very dark but I loved The Wave by Morton Rhue. It was such a twisted story about control and obedience that I was terrifed of my teachers for months after reading it.

Vanilla Cake:
A light read.

I love contemporary books; they're so cheerful that you can't help but feel happy after you've read one. My favourite light read has got to be Lola and the Boy Next Door because it is so adorable, but also so realistic!

Red Velvet:
A book that gave you mixed emotions.

There have been a lot of books over the years that I've had mixed emotions about. However the one I always think of whenever someone asks me is Allegiant by Veronica Roth. I loved it when I first read but over time I started to spot the flaws in the story and now I'm not so sure about it.

A book you would recommend to anyone.

People ask me to recommend books to them all the time so I've gotten pretty good at guessing the types of books a person might enjoy. However I am absolutely awful at recommend a book to a big group of people because I just want everyone to read my favourite books. At the moment I think I would recommend the Amulet series because a such fun books to read.

Coffee Cake:
A book you started but never finished.

Most recently I DNF-ed After Alice by Gregory Maguire because the story just dragged on without any real excitement. I wish I could go back and get back the time I wasted trying to finish this book!

Carrot Cake:
A book with great writing.

So much choice! I'm going to go with The Book Theif by Marcus Zusak because the narrative in this book is absolutely beautiful. I loved the whole concept of this book and how delicate every sentence seemed.

A book that left you wanting more.

Basically any Rainbow Rowell book because I always have so many unanswered questions after reading one of her books. I grow too attached to her characters and then I want to find out every little detail about what happens after the books finish.

A series with 4+ books.

Most series I read have 4+ books (otherwise they're a duology/trilogy) but my favourite series has to be the Shadowhunter series. There are definitely more than 4 books in this series, and I don't think Cassandra Clare is ever going to finish this series!

Fruit Cake:
A book that wasn't what you anticipated.

City of Bones by Cassandra Clare. I was expecting to hate this book (having just given up on Twilight and all other supernatural books) but I was pleasantly surprised by it.

What is your favourite and least favourite type of cake? Do you prefer light or dark reads?
Let me know in the comments below!

And until next time, keep reading! 

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