Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Reading Challenges

This year is probably going to be my busiest year so far. Constant tests and extra-curricular activities mean almost all my time is being consumed but for some reason I have decided that this year will be the year that I start taking part in reading challenges (because who needs sleep anyways!) I've picked a number of challenges that got me most excited to challenge myself. This way I can reduce my TBR pile (153!), achieve my Goodreads goal (only 60 books) and have fun at the same time!

I'll be posting updates here about how the challenges are going as well as on my Instagram so if you are joining in with any of the readathons we can support each other. There will also be reviews of all the books I read so you read my opinion and share yours as well! 😃

I loved to know what reading challenges you guys are taking part in this year, or if you've taken part in any in previous years. Also what is your Goodreads reading goal? Tell me in the comments.

My list of Reading challenges (more to come):

All Year: A yearathon and Duodecathon
March: All the Short Ones Readathon
April: A Novel Experience Readathon
May: HP Readathon
June: Sci-Fi Summer Readathon

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