Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Taylor Swift Book Tag!

I am a HUGE swiftie. I've been listening to her since I was 8, and own all her CD's (except the Christmas one 😢). So when I found out about this tag I knew I had to do it! Books and Taylor Swift! I can't think anything better. The creator of this amazing tag is TheBookLife, but I'll be doing Katytastic's version. You can see the original here and Katytastic's version here. And now onto the tag...

We are never getting back together:
Pick a series you used to love, but now you hate!
I loved the first book in this series when I first read it and I even enjoyed the second book. But when I picked up the third book I couldn't even get past the first chapter. My brain just wouldn't let me, no matter how hard I'd try. I even attempted to re-read the first book, which didn't end well...

Pick a book with a red cover.
This was most definitely a cover buy and I'm not ashamed at all! It is gorgeous on my bookshelf and stands out amongst all the bland black and white books. Plus the story is amazing so I'm glad I picked it up.

Best Day:
Pick a book that makes you feel nostalgic.
  All English people have read at least one Enid Blyton book in their life and I am no exception. I first read this book when I was six and I still read it to this day. It is perfect for any mood and I will be reading it until the day I die!

Love Story:
Pick a book that  has forbidden love.
A demon and an angel falling in love. Need I say anymore?

I knew you were trouble:
Pick a bad character that you can't help but love.

So he isn't the worst character in this series but he is pretty terrible. I loved Draco when I first read the Harry Potter series, and I still love him now. He is so bad ass and awesome that I just can't help but love him. (I know, I know!)

Pick a book that had the ending spoilt to you.
My friend forced me to read this book and kept on asking where I was and whether I finished it yet. She then proceeded to ask me where I was in the book by saying things that HAPPEN IN THE BOOK! WHY?! Luckily I wasn't too far off the ending when she ruined the book but STILL!

Everything has changed:
Pick a character that has gone through a lot of character development.
I had to pick Sam from the Gone Series because holy cow he changed a lot throughout the series. I won't say too much because I might ruin the series but I will say that he changed. Not necessarily for the better, but he did change.

You belong with me:
Pick your most anticipated book release.

For this one I'll have  to say The Long Forever by Eugene Lambert. This is the third instalment in the Sign of One series and will be coming out next year.I'm sooo excited! I'm so excited for it the cover hasn't even been released yet!

Forever and always:
Pick your favourite book couple.
 It is almost impossible for a book lover to pick their OTP. However the first couple to spring to mind was, of course, Percy and Annabeth from the Percy Jackson series. They are relationship goals and although they have been to hell and back (literally!), they still remain as strong as ever. Also this piece of fan art is beautiful! (find the artist here)

Come back, Be here:
Pick a book you would never lend out.

I hardly ever lend out books but I would never ever (ever) lend out my copy of Gone by Michael Grant. My copy is a flimsy paperback that could easily get ripped, but it is also signed! I know! If anything happens to my singed (!) Michael Grant book I don't know what I' d do. So yeah...

Teardrops on my guitar:
Pick a book that made you ugly cry.
I very rarely ugly cry at books. Yes, I shed a tear or two (or three or four), but I don't really ugly cry. I didn't cry at TFIOS, I didn't cry at Me Before You, I didn't cry at Allegiant. But this book! This book! I made the mistake of reading this book at school and I actually had to lock myself in the toilets so I could cry it out. This book may look all innocent, but it will rip your heart out and stamp all over it.

Shake it off:
Pick a book you will love, no matter how much hate it gets.

If you've seen my review of this book, you will know I love this series. Even though a lot of people don't like it, because of all the plot holes and character flaws, I really enjoyed this book and its sequel. So no matter what anyone says about it I will shake it off and continue loving it.

So there is my Taylor Swift book tag. I'm tagging anybody who wants to do this because I had loads of fun jamming out to Taylor Swift and thinking about books. If you do this tag leave a link in the comments and I'll be sure to turn up and read/watch it. Also tell me which Taylor Swift song is your favourite down below!

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