Thursday, September 14, 2017

The College Freshman Book Tag

The creators of this tag are  Dawlyn and Krista over at Little Blind Book Finds. Be sure to go check out their blog! 

Being English I have no idea what college is. For me you have primary school, high school, sixth form and then university. However I did some digging around and discovered that sixth form is the equivalent of college so I guess that means I'm in college.

And now onto the questions!

Name a character you'd love to be roommates with and a character you'd hate to be roommates with.

I'd love to be roommates with Lola Nolan and all her crazy outfits, or Maddy from Everything, Everything because I love her bedroom in the film.
I don't think Hermione would be the best roommate to have. As much as I love her she would stress me out too much, always forcing me to do more school work!

Name a book you read to introduce yourself to a new genre.

The 'Gone' series by Michael Grant was the first YA book series I read. It was also my first dystopian novel ever; before then I'd mostly read children's books about fairies and elves. I'm really glad that this was my dystopian novel and I still love it all these years later!

Name a book from your childhood that you love

My favourite book series growing was the 'Malory Towers' series by Enid Blyton and my copies are starting to fall apart from the amount of times I re-read it!

Any time that I feel ill or anxious or am missing home I pick one of the books in this series and just start reading. I think it is the only story I've memorised because I start literally anywhere in any of the books and know what's going on!

Choosing a major:
Name a book about a topic you are passionate about

I going to go with one of the most recent books I read and say 'Wave Me Goodbye' by Jacqueline Wilson. It is set in WW2, which is one of my favourite eras, and I adore history.

Join the club:
Name a popular book you thought you'd hate but ended up loving

'1984' is the first book that springs to mind. Having started it four times I was convinced that I was going to hate but after pushing through the first chapter I really loved this book.

The All-Nighter:
Name a book you stayed up all night to finish

Not quite all night but I stayed up past midnight finishing 'The Tattooed Heart' by Michael Grant.

The Night Before It's Due:
Name a popular book or series you put off reading for ages

I'm really bad at keeping up with series but the one I've fallen furthest behind with is The Mortal Instruments and every single book that comes after the original six books.

The Hangover:
Name a book that left you in a book hangover

I'm pretty lucky with the lack of book hangovers in my life. As soon as I finish a book I write a review and then I can move on from that book.

On a budget:
Name a book you bought even though you're tight on cash

This has never happened to me...yet. If I don't have money my parents are always there to support me and most of the books I buy are cheap, second-hand books that anyone can afford.

English 101:
Name a required reading book you loved

I've never had to do required reading for school! I self-studied for English Literature and the school had literally nothing to do with my reading so... When I was 9 we had G+T (Gifted and Talented) and I had to read Animal Farm, which is still one of my favourite books, so I guess that (?).

The Textbook:
Name a book you spent money on and ended up not enjoying

I tried reading it and just couldn't get invested in the story.

Office hours:
Name a book you read to get to know someone better

I rarely read non-fiction but I do want to read Hidden Figures because then I can finally watch the film. 

The Mean Professor:
Name a character you would hate to have as a teacher

Professor Snape or Professor Umbridge.
(Do I get extra points for picking actual teachers?)

Drop the class:
Name a book you thought you'd like but didn't

Champion by Marie Lu. Review here.

Life Lessons:
Name a book that made you reflect on your life

Wing Jones by Katherine Webber.
It really changed my perspective on some very important topics.

What subjects are you studying this year? Have you read any of these books? 
Let me know in the comments below!

And until next time, keep reading!

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