Tuesday, May 29, 2018

Bookish worlds that make this one seem okay

At the moment the real world doesn't seem too great. We have dystopian-like world leaders, high levels of pollution and poor law enforcers which make the fictional worlds we escape to seem even more attractive at the moment. However, there are some worlds that I would never choose to move to over this world (which is shocking, I know)...

1- Basically any dystopian world

Every single dystopian world ever created is terrifying: an organised society where the government forces children against each other in a survival of the fittest type of fight. My problem with this type of world is that I know that I will be one of those background characters who ends up dying because they aren't physically strong enough (because I am a weak smol bean)

Books to look for: Maze Runner, Divergent, Hunger Games, 1984

2- Worlds where the adults go missing

Admittedly these books (and their settings) are very similar to those of the dystopian genre. However, I feel like these books are different because they feel more realistic. Children are forced to grow up and adapt to already familiar worlds, with this new twist. I would be absolutely awful in this scenario, preferring to stay quiet and follow orders instead of take the lead. Once again, I'd probably be one of the background kids who dies because they aren't 'street smart' enough.

Books to look for: Gone, The Enemy

3- Any high fantasy world (literally any one of them)

Fantasy worlds are a lot of hard work to cope with anyway, so can you imagine trying to live through them? There are always huge wars raging in the books, with hundreds of civilians getting killed in the process (which puts me off the world completely). The only positive aspect of these worlds is the dragons, and even they are dangerous and could possibly kill me so fantasy worlds are a hard pass.

Books to look for: Game of Thrones, Daughter of Smoke and Bones, Throne of Glass

4- Most historical worlds 

Even though these worlds are loosely (or actually)  based off the real world, historical worlds would be hard to live in unless I had been living there my entire life. Our world has improved do much since then, and I think that people in the past hard such hard lives. We have so many benefits that we don't appreciate enough, and I would never want to give these perks up.

Books to look for: Grave Mercy, A Great and Terrible Beauty

5- Sci-fi worlds

Space freaks me out, so I would be the worst person to have on a spaceship because I would probably just sit in the corner of a room freaking out because space. I love the idea of stars and planets and things like that, but actually being in space and having to land on planets just freaks me out.

Books to look out for: The 100, Zenith

What worlds would you not want to live in? Do you agree with any on my list?
Let me know below!

And until next time, keep reading!

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