Wednesday, March 22, 2017

My 5 favourite series of all time!

Trying to find my top 5 book series was almost impossible because I've read so many books, and almost all of them were in series!  However I managed to narrow my gigantic list down to just 5, and I'm going to share them with you today. The list isn't in any order, because it would be way to hard to pick my number one series of all time. That being said, here are the books:

  1. The Gone series by Michael Grant
    This book series changed my reading life (literally). I was 10 when I first picked up Gone, and was not prepared for the series. By picking up this book I matured as both a child and a reader (it handles some pretty serious topics), and was thrust into the young adult genre. At 10 years old! When I picked up Gone only three of the six books were out, but I marathoned my way through them and then had the tense wait you have for an anticipated book. Even though it has been about 3 years since I read the series, I still remember every plot detail as if I'd just finished it.
  2. The Enemy series by Charlie Higson
    Another series that involves all the adults disappearing, The Enemy series is absolutely amazing and I couldn't recommend it more. I started the series in 2014 and finished it last year but I didn't feel lost at all (despite the significant pause in reading the series). It handles a lot of difficult situations and even has a couple of LGBT characters who aren't stereotyped or comic relief. I adored this series, and can't think of any negative things to say about it. If you do want to read this series be prepared for major heartbreak and emotional trauma.

  3. The Selection series by Kiera Cass
    This book has got a lot of mixed reviews, but I personally loved it. The characters are all unique and funny, the world-building is beautiful and it dragged me in right away. America is such a strong girl and I'm she's not perfect. She felt so realistic to me when I read the series; she wasn't a "perfect" girl who knows everything about everything. As soon as I put down the last book in the series I picked up the first book and started all over again.

  4. Malory Towers by Enid Blyton
    These books define my childhood. I first read them when I was seven and still read them today. The stories are so light-hearted and adorable, with some quite serious topics mixed in. These books helped me get through difficult times and gave me advice when no one else could. I will never get bored of these books; although I may have to replace my tattered paperbacks.

  5. The Witch Finder series by Ruth Warburton This is actually only a duology but I loved it so much I needed to put it on the list. I've never felt so many emotions towards two characters, and I doubt I will feel more emotions than in this duology. The chemistry between all the characters was perfect, and I loved how nobody could fully be trusted (read it and you'll find out!). The world building was incredible and successfully set the time period in the correct place. One thing though: I need a third book!

So there are my top 5 series of all time (until I read a better one!).  Are any of your favourite series on my lists? Are any of your least favourite series on my list? Let me know in the comments below!

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