Monday, July 24, 2017

Booktube-a-thon: Day 1

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Challenges Complete: 1
Book Count: 1
Page Count: 344

And so the readathon begins!

For me the readathon started at exactly midnight today when I gave up pretending to get to sleep and just started reading The Secret Countess. I actually managed to finish it in about 3 hours before collapsing of exhaustion and sleeping for 8 hours.

I meant to start reading Attachments after I woke up but I had no motivation at all to read during the day, so the rest of today was reading free. Hopefully I'll get about half an hour of reading done tonight before I go to sleep, so I don't fall behind!

Anyway...on to the challenge for today!

Today's challenge was picked by Jesse from Jesse the reader and I'm a little worried going into it. I leave a link to the video here but basically you have to create a monster using the book you are currently reading. 

Here we go!

My monster's name: Breakfast Tiger
My monster's personality: He hides in your juice so when you go to drink it he leaps out and tickles your throat. His mission is to make everyone laugh.
My monster:

If you are doing these challenges then please a link down below and I'll come check them out!

And until next time, keep reading!

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