Thursday, July 20, 2017

Library Lovers Tag

This tag was originally created by Josie over at PiandBooks. I wasn't tagged by anyone but I love the library so I'm going to do it anyway. (#rebel)

How often do you visit your local library?
I generally visit my local library once a week, and the bigger library in a nearby town every month. (although this varies depending on how much I read!)

Do you check out more books than you can read or just enough books?
I honestly have no idea. I borrow a certain amount of books and then I either read them or I don't. Sometimes I challenge myself by borrowing 5 or 6 books at once.

How old were you when you got your library card?
I've had a library card since I was born.

Do you go for the library looking for a specific book or not?
Again this varies. Usually I don't go looking for a specific book but if I'm reading a series then I know which book I'm looking for.

Do you use your library to check out DVDs or audio books?
In England I would check out audio books and DVDs but the Belgian libraries I live near don't have many English discs.

From what section do you borrow the most books?
Obviously it means YA or adult, but for me I'll have to say the English section.

What is your favourite part of using your local library?
Getting to see all the different books I might have not heard about otherwise.

Do you like using your local library? Have you done this tag? Please tell me in the comments below!

And until next time, keep reading!

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