Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Five of the best book to movie adaptations

I love watching movies. Whether it is in the cinema or at home I always find it so magical that people have managed to capture a story using moving pictures and music. So when they manage to capture my favourite books perfectly I find my self attached and will happily watch this movies over and over again.

Today I'm going to share my five favourite book to movie adaptations with you. These are films that I could watch five times in a row and not get bored, the films that are closest to the book, or the films that (*whispers*) are better than the books.

1- StardustThis film is actually one of my favourite films of all time, but I've never read the book! One day I'll get to it but for now I'll just love the movie.

2- Charlie and the Chocolate FactoryBoth versions of this book are good for different reasons and I love them both. They capture the whimsical nature of Willy Wonka and provoke joy in children and adults.

3- It's Kind Of A Funny StoryI've just read this book and although the movie doesn't follow the story line all the way through it is pretty spot on. The casting is also perfect and each character is exactly as I imagined them.

4- The Narnia ChroniclesPersonally I like the movies more than the books. I haven't read the entire Narnia series, so my opinion may change when I finish but for now I love the movies far more.

5- Harry PotterThese films are far from perfect, I can agree with that. They left major details from the books and changed various other things. But they inspired an entire generation of readers, and helped millions of people through their life. So Harry Potter will always have a spot on this list.

What are your favourite adaptations? Have you watched any of the films on my list? Please let me know in the comments below!

And until next time, keep reading!

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