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My thoughts on the Harry Potter series

The Harry Potter readathon ended last week so I decided to share my thoughts and feelings on the series with you today. This post is going to be long and ramble on a bit, so you can click away now if you want.

**Major spoiler warning**

Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone (yes I'm English), is one of my favourite Harry Potter books. No matter how many times I read this book I will always get that same tingly feeling when Harry finds out he's a wizard. I think this book is what a hug would be like if it was written down. It makes me feel warm and comfortable and safe in a therapeutic way.

My favourite thing about this book is that we get to see the Golden Trio become the Trio. I think this book perfectly captures pre-teens and their view on life. I also love how the trio don't get along straight away and have to build up their friendship.

Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets really shows us what the wizarding world is like. We get to see how the interact with muggles and what their government is like. This is also a Weasley heavy book, with great scenes from almost the entire family (Bill and Charlie are still a mystery) which is always good!

This is the first time we get to see Voldemort and we even get to see a bit of his backstory. Even better we get to see as Tom Riddle instead of Voldemort so we get to see his personality before he went evil (sort of). I personally love to see villains before they were villains, just to understand them a little better.

Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban is my favourite book-to-movie adaptation and is in my top 7 Harry Potter books. I think this is the best book to see the Golden Trio's friendship (before all the romance takes place). We get to see them work as a team to help Sirius Black and support each other along the way.

I think friendship is a major theme in this book (more so than in the others) because it is also the first time we meet the Marauders. All four Marauders are mentioned in this book, and Harry gets to learn a little more about his family. The scenes with the Marauders are some of the sweetest as you can see how close they were.

Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire is my favourite Harry Potter book. I love how magical it is and how much of the wizarding world we get to see. We don't just see Hogwarts, we also see the other wizarding schools and the Ministry of Magic and Azkaban; all the separate parts of the wizarding world blend together.

I also love the Hermione and Harry moments we get in this book. Obviously Harry and Ron are best friends, but in this book we get to see Harry and Hermione interact. Hermione cares about him enough to help him get through the challenges and teach him all the spells he might need. Honestly they are my favourite friendship that is formed in the books.

Since when was Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix 800 pages long?! Has it always been that long?! It is huge!

I'm one of those rare few who doesn't hate/dislike this book; in fact I find it interesting. We get to see the inner workings of the Ministry and I am a massive nerd for fantasy governments so this pleases me greatly. We also get to see the true corruption of the wizarding world, through Umbridge, and it makes us realise how powerful Voldemort is becoming. The only thing I don't like about this book is the fact that Harry is acting like a royal prat at times in this book, and constantly saying he has done the most so he deserves to know what is going on.

I didn't realise how much of Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince I'd forgotten. I couldn't remember about half of the things that happened in this book, so it felt like I was reading it for the first time.

This book has all my favourite Harry and Dumbledore moments. This is the book where we get to see that Dumbledore thinks of Harry as his equal instead of his student, and I love it so much.

It's also the book where we finally get to see how evil the death eaters are. Before now they were kind of background characters but in this book we finally get to see what it is like to be in the world of the death eaters.

I have a couple of better titles for Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows:
 Harry Potter and the Year of Death
Harry Potter and People Who Deserved Better
Harry Potter and I Still Hate Snape
Harry Potter and Is This A Children's Book

I think these sums up the book perfectly. I hadn't forgotten a single death in this book, but somehow they still came as a surprise to me. This book will make me cry until the day I die because basically everyone who died deserved better.
Without realising I finished this book 10 years after it was first published and I feel so accomplished right now.

I feel like Harry Potter and the Cursed Child was one of the biggest disappointments in the reading world (after the Percy Jackson films). We were all expecting so much more from the return of Harry Potter, but we weren't given it.

There were parts of the book/play that I enjoyed: Scorpius, the time-turners, the old characters (mostly) and the plot was quite fun. However there were an equal amount of things that I didn't enjoy and I was kind of disappointed when the book ended.
I leave a link to my Goodreads review here so you can find out all my thoughts if you want! 

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